ARCHAI, First Principles in Branding, deploys a unique group of strategists who integrate best practices in marketing with deep insights from the humanities and social sciences in order to build extraordinary brands.

Theologians, psychologists, artists, writers, scholars and brand experts join together to create an unparalled alchemy that activates the often-hidden power of timeless and universal meaning underlying organizations, institutions, issues and companies.

Founded by Margaret Mark, co-author with Carol S. Pearson of The Hero and the Outlaw:  Building Extraordinary Brands through the Power of Archetypes, ARCHAI works with leading corporations and non-profits world-wide to bring deeper, richer, and more positive meaning to brands – and ultimately, to the cultures in which they exist.

Prior to founding ARCHAI, Margaret was Executive Vice President, Worldwide Director of Consumer Insight at Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest communication companies.  She is the recipient of the J.D. Crain Award for Outstanding Volunteer in the Advertising Industry and a member of the C.J. Jung Foundation.